Business Management

Himilo Management Group provides effective professional services and consultancy in the area of Leadership and Management, Financial Management, Trade and Investment Promotion, Capacity Building, Institutional Development, Marketing and Customer Service to public and private institutions in Somalia.

HMG understands the mission critical of everyday business and offers quality of services provided by fresh talents with bold ideas. We take innovative approach to partner with the best and the brightest in the labour market to ensure best fit for your requirements in organizational development.

Our steamed business experts offer an integrated professional services and flexible approach to business development and management on the principles of lifecycle thinking to manage startups, build cohesive team and motivating employees, tailoring product to define market, adapt changing circumstance and consumer sentiment, and understanding how to convert idea into a viable business.

Whether you are an international company wanted to start business in Somalia or an existing company who wants to expand to various regions of Somalia, HMG provides virtual office and services to meet your needs. have packages Some of the key areas include but certainly not be limited to:
- Professional services
- Business registration
- Unique office and receptionist
- Event planning and logistics

Linking innovative ideas to entrepreneurship through empowering people to be able to reach their potentials and economic prosperity. To do so, HMG offers the following innovation and entrepreneurship services:
- Creation and implementation of innovative ideas
- Business training, coaching and mentoring skills
- Business development and budgeting
- Leadership and management capacity development