IT Solutions

Our team members have extensive knowledge and experience with various of-the-shelf systems than handle Financial Management, Human Resource Management and Workflow Management Systems. Our team also have developed in-house systems based on customer immediate and scalability requirements. - Management information system - Systems, Network and database administration - Document imaging and workflow management - Security and systems integration - Data/Disaster recovery and contingency plan - Technical support

Technical Support

We provide 24/7 technical support with two-hour response time to all our clients and systems we provide. All systems come with first year support and there is optional maintenance agreement available for each subsequent year.

There are three tier levels of support:

Tire 1: Basic trouble shooting and assistance to users

Tire 2: System specific trouble shooting, network, maintenance and lower level programming

Tire 3: Systems development and high-level programming

HGM provides support using following methods:

  1. Phone support: our technical team will work with users (focal point) for basic trouble shooting and assistance to operate the system
  2. Dial in: our technical team will access client’s system remotely and work it
  3. On-site support: our technical team will visit client site and work on system